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Hi, I wonder how to connect to the rows with themenu with the “+” sign? In your demo of Intro, the rows headlines are clickable in the menu. For example; I’ve got an “Contact” row and I want “contact” to appear in the plus menu. When I click on “Contact” I want the page slide down to the “Contact” row. How to do this? Thanx for help! :slight_smile:

firstly, you have to get the element ID for the section/row (you can use chrome google dev > inspect element to get the elelment ID).

for example, the element ID for the row is pg-619-0, then you have to put those element ID for the menu by adding # prefix. So, your link for the menu should be like this #pg-619-0 or

Thank you! Worked out great! I have another question about the area below my site, there is like a white space between my page (the last row) and the footer who says: "Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Intro ". How can I remove this white area and end my site with the grey footer? Thanks for great support! :slight_smile:

as default for the theme is doesn’t have a white space between content page and footer.

btw, please create a new thread if you have no related questions with this topic of thread, and don’t forget to include the link of your site.

This worked super for me too awan! Thank you!
Demo >

I am tagging this as site navigation for more discover-ability!


I used element ID for the section/row for my one page website built on sydney theme (
But the header hides the top part of the panel.
What should i do to have the header right on top of the panels when I click the nav menu?


I followed the instructions and created a section menu for contact us on the front page. It works really well when the user is on the homepage. But doesn’t work when the is on the other page. Try it out.

  2. Click on contact. Notice it works
  3. Click on blog
  4. now click on contact, notice it wont work

Is this a bug?

Hi Safwan,

Please try to add a full URL + the section ID instead.

Hi, I am using the Sydney theme and have tried what you suggested above, say to get the “see more services” button to link to the next part of the page that starts with “other services”

However, nothing happens. I am using the elementor ID “f7a7227”, since that is the first ID below the

tag. I also tried with other elementor ID’s, but it doesn’t work.

Your help is appreciated. I would want to use the same ID for the menu items I haven’t created, and to link “about” to the correct part of the page and/or separate page.

Thank you!