Intro mobile site issues

Hello, thank you for the awesome theme.

I’m a noobie at this but I’m loving how my site is coming along. Problem is how it’s translating to mobile (I have an iPhone 6). Looks hardly anything like the desktop layout, mainly alignment - how off-center each row and widget appears, as well as some text. The mobile version also only shows a fraction of the header image and doesn’t show the background video at all (I’m guessing the latter could be a Flash issue?). Is there something I overlooked that could’ve affected the mobile layout? Thank you for any and all help. Please see website here:

Hello, I’ve resolved alignment issues. The one thing I’m still having issue with: the header image appears fine on desktop, yet on mobile (iPhone 5 and 6) only a tiny square of the actual custom header image appears onscreen. My custom image is sized to 1920 × 1080 pixels, as recommended. Please advise, thank you.

Hello Tora,

I wanted to ask which plugins you used for the images section of your main page is very nice!
Then I wanted to ask if you’ve used PageBuilder to the main page or another plugin?

Thank you very much