Internet Explorer

Intro is an awesome theme. But is it at all possible to use it with IE?

I have almost 40% users with this marvellous browser, so I can’t ignore it.

Have tried <meta http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=EmulateIE8”> but doesn’t work.

Thanks for your great job!

Intro works just fine with IE, just checked now to be sure.

If you mean IE8, than no, it’s not possbile. And you can’t have 40% of your users on IE8 since I belive the global usage dropped below 1%.

Hi Vlad,

really love the theme it looks soo good!
My problem is that I am in Ireland and a large portion of the public is on IE8.
I have only noticed now that NOTHING is displaying on the IE8 browser (looks perfect on everything else).

Is there any code I can implement to fix? Even a direction on what divs I should address might be enough as I am ok with HTML, PHP, CSS (just new to wp)

Any help really appreciated as I really want to use this excellent theme.

Thanks and Regards,
Cathal. (from Ireland, the middle ages…)