Internet Explorer problem with mouse wheel scrolling



I have experienced this with many wordpress sites using smooth background scrolling in Internet Explorer, but I haven’t found a solution for sydney theme yet, allthough flipping through similar questions here and trying a hell of a lot CSS and JS tweaks.

So the problem is always when using a fixed background, e.g. in a standard text section. When scrolling with the browser scrollbar, it’s fine, but when scrolling with the mouse wheel, the background jerks back and forth.

I haven’t my page online yet, but I saw that a page of another user, having a similar problem still has this same issue: (in the lower part “what our customers say”).

So, which CSS element can be modified to switch for example to a scrolling image like in smaller devices for IE only?

Thanks, Alex



If you’re using Siteorigin, like the site you linked does, you can use this code:

@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast:active),
 (-ms-high-contrast:none) {
    .panel-row-style { background-attachment:scroll!important; } 

If not, let me know.



Hi Vlad,
yout mean Siteorigin the theme? No, I’m using Sydney. Just linked the site from a similar topic in this forum with the same error when scrolling by mouse wheel.
Regards, Alex



No, sorry. I was asking if you’re using the Siteorigin Page Builder or Elementor.



Ah ok - yes I used Elementor.


You can then use the code like:

@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast:active),
 (-ms-high-contrast:none) {
    section.elementor-element { background-attachment:scroll!important; } 

I tested it and it works.


Hey great, it does work - thanks a ton!