Internet Explorer jumps to Footer

Hi there –

Our website jumps to footer, but only in Internet Explorer (works fine in Chrome, Mozilla). Each page of the website does this on load and then you have to scroll up. Tried to disable plugins, and the only thing that worked was disabling the theme Sydney widget bundle. I tried to disable widgets one by one, but all were disabled and issue still there. We are running Sydney theme and you can find ourpage here. Any idea what is causing this or what we can do to resolve? I’ve spent 4 hours on this issue trying to debug and I just do not have the knowledge to figure out the problem.

Please help!

Hello there,

Are you running the latest version of Internet Explorer? Do you also notice this issue on our demo site?


Hi Kharis,

I am running the latest version and it does not occur on your demo site.


Hi Kharis -

We deactivated siteorigin widgets, then changed number of footer columns to 1 from 3 and deleted, then reactivated siteorigin widgets and all seemed to right itself. No idea why that worked but it did.

Hope that helps future problems.