Internet Explorer 11 not displaying correctly - Astrid

Hello guys,

I really love your Astrid theme. It is very nice! Thank you for the good job!

I am now facing 2 problems with the format on IE11.

  1. Text widget appears left bound (normally centered)
  2. footer logo is on the wrong place.

Tried to deactivate all plugins, and load again but the issue remained.
also tried with to add the X-UA-Compatible meta in the header.php to IE9 but also didn’t work.


Works well on Chrome and Firefox!

Thank you for help!



IE11 doesn’t handle things the same if you select 2 columns but use only one.
I suggest you switch to a single column and wrap your text in a div with a max-width of your choice and center it. Let me know if you don’t know how to do that and I’ll show you.

The footer logo looks the same to me.