Internal Page Image Headers

Your theme provides 2 options for internal top header images.

  1. Ability to select one image for any internal page created
  2. Ability to upload multiple image and have those images randomly chosen for any internal page header.

Is there a way to have internal pages created but select a SPECIFIC image for that top header area?

Thank you.

Dear Esteban,

Thank you for asking.

I’m afraid that it isn’t supported by theme’s core at the moment.

To achieve this objective will need a lot of code modification. If it is urgent enough, I’d strongly recommend you to hire a freelancer at Codeable as it’s considered as an advanced customisation.

It might be not a good option for you, but this is what I can provide to assist you on this matter.

Thank you for your understanding.

Warmest regards,


Very impressive response time to my Posts by the way.
I appreciate that very much.