Installing Theme


I cant seem to install the theme. When I “choose file” after clicking on “upload theme” the folder opens and i then have many files to choose from but uncertain as to which one i need to select in order to properly upload the theme. I was under the impression I only needed to click on the zip folder and click install and it would be uploaded to my wordpress account. Please advise, thank you.


Please dis regard the initial post. I was able to correctly get the entire zip file to attempt to upload, however, i received a “fail to install” message. This is now my new issue. Please advise, thanks.

apparenetly this is my issue “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”. How do i fix this?


Missing css file means that theme files are not uploaded correctly. Can you try to upload theme with FTP client (like FileZilla). Unpack archive file that you have downloaded and upload sydney-pro folder to your server, inside wp-content/themes/. You can check for additional instructions here

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