Installing Sydney Pro


I just purchased Sydney Pro and I followed all the instructions but when I download it I get a file full of Php documents and not a ZIP to install. I’m currently using the free Sydney theme but can’t install the Sydney Pro. HELP please.


Hello there,

Your web browser might auto-unzip once the .zip package downloaded. This usually happens on Safari. Please try different browsers like Chrome or Firefox.



Thanks, it works now.


I installed a couple of plug-ins that were recommended and now the site has gone white and completely blank! HELP again please.


Hello there,

To find the reason that causes you that trouble, access site’s error log by following this guide:

Also please check if your server meets the minimum requirements as mention here:



Hi again, I’ve enabled square on the woocommerce settings but when I made a trial purchase using my credit card, the transaction didn’t come up in my square reports. Instead I just got an email saying I had a new order. Any tips?

Also, how do I change the title of the “ call to action” button on the home page?

Also I purchased Sydney Pro and is there a way to continuous scroll like the demo?

Thanks for any advice