Installing Sydney Pro - demo content not correctly imported?



I bought Sydney pro and i have tried to install it, but i don’t succeed to install the content correctly. I have used one click demo import, but for some reasons i get some warnings when importing. Also i tried for example to edit/customize the header slider text, but this doesn’t work. I don’t understand what exactly i did wrong? Can somebody help please?


I’m basically interested how can i upload the demo content from the “default” sydney pro? When going to download content page i can’t see the Default in the list, but i see Yoga, Band, Restaurant, Finance.


Hello there,

Thank you for reaching our to us here. I’d like to help. But when visiting your site, it seems the demo has been completely imported.

Let me know if you still need some assistance with it.




I still think this doesn’t work as expected.

I can’t modify the header slider text. When changing and publishing this still doesn’t show correctly. Even the default text is different. Please see screenshot:

Additionally, the social media links are missing from the top bar as shown in the default demo:


Hello there,

In the Header Slider settings panel, ensure the “Stop the text slider?” option is unchecked.




Hi again,

i don’t think this is the issue. That box was unchecked all the time. Please see below screenshot where i have published again some changes for the banner, but these are not visible.

Even with Elementor i can’t edit the text for the header slider or for example the phone no or email address.