Installing Polylang removes content of home page

Hi there,
I’ve just installed Polylang in order to make my site multilingual, however, once I activate the plugin the content of my home page disappears…is this a known problem? As soon as I deactivate the plugin my home page content (ie the slider, and call to action buttons) reappear.
Do you have any suggestions please?
Many thanks

Hello @billyfin,

Did you check this page?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman, Many thanks, yes I have watched those videos, but even before I get to the point of configuring the settings, the content of my home page, ie the sliders / buttons etc have disappeared.
I’m not sure why?

Okay Vicky,

Can you please try to deactivate all your plugins except recommended and Polylang, then see if it helps?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks Roman, I’ve just tried this as you suggested and it makes no difference. Then as soon as I deactivate polylang by home page with the image sliders and buttons reappears.

Vicky, can you please contact Polylang support here and see what they say?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I’ve had this as well. I just accepted it. What Polylang requires is for your to effectively copy your site under the new language, e…g /en/ if it’s an English site. It means duplicating everything. This is a pain of course if you have blog posts as the dates for when they were first posted are all lost.

I’m concerned though with what will happen to all my new content if the plugin is removed.

Hello @hejiemi,

Regarding your concern, please remember about importance of regular full site backups.

Kind Regards, Roman.