Installing child Theme Configurator for Sydney

I the Child Theme Configurator in Sydney, its show that its active, but does not appear in at the the bottom menu to load and edit.

Hello there,

Have you read the documentation Please confirm. Please explain in details what is the trouble you are having, so I could be more exact.


Hi Kharis-

I downloaded the ctc from the Sydney dashboard, and the system says its installed. I read the instructions that say that a button will appear at the bottom of the “preview theme” page, but its not there and I don’t know how to access it to create a child theme.


Where does it say a button will appear at bottom of a “preview theme” page?

In a youtube “how to” video. How do I use the child theme configurator? If its installed in Sydney, WHERE IS IT?

Once child-theme-configurator plugin has been installed and activated, in Wordpress Dashboard, click on TOOLS, then click on “Child Themes”.