Installing again.. see more services link doesn't do anything

I have reinstalled my wordpress site and the sydney theme following the Quick start guide. I think I messed up the last time because the layout went wrong and it looked messy.

Anyway, following the reinstall, I am testing the site before I start to edit text and graphics etc. I have noticed that on the demo site when I click “see some more services” the page scrolls down to “what else do we provide”, but on my site , the button doesn’t make the page scroll down at all.

Also, on my site “meet the team” and “some fun facts” doesn’t make the page scroll down to the relevant sections.

I have a few other questions relating to this, but will post them once I get these things fixed.

Can you help ?

Hello there,

Thank you for getting in touch.

There might be different element IDs. Try to inspect your element IDs

Could you please post your URL here so we can have a closer look?


sorry… forgot to put url

think I’ve found it now using element ID

thanks for the help!

Thank you for the link. It helped me a lot.

I noticed that you are currently having different element IDs. They should be equal.


Is having different element IDs a problem? If so , how do I make them equal?

I meant each link button href value must match with its respective target element ID.