Inside pages header image


In below link:

I made the slider in the home page (1440x680) so as to fit the slider and the menu bar in the same screen without scrolling, but the header image of the inside pages like (about us - contact us - gallery - our clients) i made it also the same size (1440x680) but still cant get to see the menu bar without scrolling (the images always keep to stretch to the make max hight of the image.

can we fix that so as it keeps the original size of the photo which is (1440x680) ?




The header images (background images actually) go full screen by default. You can easily limit the height of the header area by adding this to a custom CSS plugin:

.has-banner {
   max-height: 600px;

And you can change 600 to the value you think is best for what you’re trying to achieve.