Insert Ellipsis in Services Widget on Front Page



I would like to insert an ellipsis that indicates “read more” in the same place of all 3 services on my home page in the Services section.

For example, I want it to look like this (below) rather than showing all the text on the front page like it does now.

“Our physical presence speaks before we utter a word. What are you saying to the world? Is your appearance on-point with your message, your goals, your mission? I will help you examine your physical communication quotient/impact and teach you style skills for appropriate interactions based upon occasion, audience and culture…”

Every time I make an edit to the Services text on the front page, it effects the text on my actual Services page. Please help!


Hello there,

You could use more tag button to break the text.


Doesn’t it work for you?



Hello Kharis,

Thank you for the quick reply! Inserting the “read more” tag changes both the front page widget AND the actual services page. I only want the tag on the front page widget, not the services page. I am including photos to show you how it changes both places. I need the code that will only add it on the front page Services section widget.

Thank you!


Additionally, the “read more” tag gives people the option to click “more” and I only want an ellipsis to show “…” without the option to expand it on the services widget. I basically want to make changes to the Services widget text that doesn’t automatically change on the Services page.


Hi Kharis,

Is there a solution for me to make changes to the text on the Services front page widget without it changing the text on the Services page?



Hello there,

To set text visibility restriction on specific page. You could use Conditional Tags Shortcode. In the post editor, wrap your text with is_front_page shortcode. For example:

[if is_front_page] The text [/if]