Infinite scroll bug


Hello …

I am using Alizee Pro with wordpress at Great theme, looks realy nice…


I’m having a problem when active infinite scroll feature in Wordpress-reading settings … The same problem ocurs when I try to active infinite scroll with jetpack … When trying to scrolling the page, I can only load the first posts …page persists in returning to the top when it is scrolled.

To bypass the problem, I limited the number of posts in 20 posts per page, but now the buttons do not appear to navigate the older posts …

When I enable a large number of posts per page, 50 for example, I can fix the problem on desktop, but also an error occurs on the iPad… not loading all posts … page persists in returning to the top when it is rolled…

Have you got any idea in how can I fix this?





I’m sorry, but Alizee doesn’t support infinite scroll.


Hello …
Thanks for the quick response …

Ok, I limited the number of posts to 20 posts per page, but now, as I said, the buttons to navigate to the old posts no longer appear at the bottom of the page … have you got any clue on how to solve this?

many thanks


You just need to disable infinite scroll and they’ll show up. At the moment it looks like it’s still active, I’m seeing the body class it adds anyway.


Ok … I can see now … it was my fault … the infinit scroll was not disabled correctly … I did now and works…thank you once again for the quick response and congratulations for the theme …


Another little help please … I’m not getting the buttons “older and newer posts” translated to Portuguese … thats odd because apparently everything else are translated correctly …

I looked up for the translation pt_BR.po file, inside wp-content/languages and the line is there, translated, but the button continues to show “Older posts” and not “postagens antigas” as it is translated in Portuguese on pt-BR.po

I wold like just to change older/newer posts with a sinle sign, like:"<< >>"
How can I do that?


Well, that doesn’t mean that that file will work completely for the theme as it wasn’t built for Alizee.
If you open up template-tags.php you’ll see both string there and you can change them as you need. Or you can use a plugin like Loco Translate and translate all the strings you need.


Thanks a lot … I did what you have indicated and is working now … thank you.