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Good morning everyone!

My website is and I have several questions.

1- How do I change the links on the index page of the buttons?

2- in the services of the cover page as I change the text of the button?

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  1. You can change the Call to action button links in wp-admin -> Appearance -> Customize -> Slider -> Change the “First call to action button link” and “Second call to action button link”, then Save Changes.

  2. You can change the Services page link by editing your page in wp-admin -> Pages or click “Edit Page” from WordPress toolbar, from the top and Edit the Services Widget, there you have an option to set a specific link to a page where you would like to, under “Enter the URL for your services page. Useful if you want to show here just a few services, then send your visitors to a different page.”.

Please let me know how it works.

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Thank you very much Csaba!

  • can I change the text of the text button see all your services?

  • Can I remove the links from the cases or change them?

  • Another question is that the contact form 7, I use the fields and the acceptance for the RGPD does not show me the acceptance box, in other pages of wordpress that I use the Sydney if it works for me but in this no, it has a solution?

thank you very much!



You can change the services button text in widgets / fp-services.php file from line 161, in this code:

<?php if ($see_all != '') : ?>
<a href="<?php echo esc_url($see_all); ?>" class="read-more buttons"><?php echo __('See all our services', 'quill'); ?></a>
<?php endif; ?>

Unfortunately the links you can’t change manually, the cases will always link to the single-case pages, but you can remove the link with this Custom CSS:

.cases-area .entry-title a {
    pointer-events: none !important;

Please add the above CSS to your Child Theme’s style.css or in case you haven’t setup a Child Theme already, then you can also add the CSS to wp-admin -> Appearance -> Customizer -> Additional CSS so you won’t loose the changes after Theme or WordPress updates.

You can’t show the checkbox at all on Contact Form 7, or it’s just not showing on any page?

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