Increasing size of logo in Sydney


Hi Guys

I need your help.
How do i increase the size of the logo in the header in Sydney and at the same time make it clear as well. It seems to loose quality as the logo in the header section.




Please try to manage it size using these CSS code below:

.site-logo {
    max-height: 150px;

You can put the code into: Customize > additional CSS.



Hi Awan

Is it possible to increase the size of the logo ONLY for the home or first page and have all the other pages with the default logo size.

If you take a look at my site here - - the logo looks very tiny. I would want to have it way way larger.



Yes… please try this CSS code below:

  • Use max-height below to adjust the size of the image logo:

.home .site-logo { max-height: 200px; }

  • And here is to make the slider text downward:
    .slide-inner { top: 70%; }


Thank thank you

This worked like a charm!

Much Appreciated!



Hi Awan,

I have tried the code you have given but it is not working on my site:
The LOGO is quite big and wants it to be 100*21 px.

Please let me know your thoughts.



Hi Sam,

Try this please:

.site-logo {
    height: 36px;


Hi Awan,

Thanks for sharing the code.
Now it is working perfectly on desktop view but in mobile view, the LOGO looks little odd. It is much more centralize by two sides.
Can we make it looks like the desktop view or make it little smaller in the Mobile view?




Can you give me the screenshot for your mobile screen? because it’s looks good from here: Screenshot_84


Hi Awan,

I have the same screen schot.
You could only understand it if you compare both horizontal and vertical view of the LOGO.

Please turn the mobile view from horizontal to vertical for the same or vice versa.


Here is the horizontal display: Screenshot_85
I also tried in several screen size and all looks good from here.


Hi Awan,

Thanks for taking time to test on different screens.

If am not wrong, the whole logo is little pushed towards the center by two sides compared to horizontal one.

I have attached the two screen shots for your quick view. It is pretty minor change and at a glance quite difficult to address first.

Vertical one


Horizontal one






I am sorry, I have checked your site several times but I can’t replicate the issue from here.


Hi Awan,

Thanks for your time.

I appreciate your effort.