Increase Width/Size of Theme


The default width of my site is quite narrow leaving a lot of white space on the sides. I would like the theme to read as your demo version. Please urgently assist to widen the blog to a suitable read.

Hi karabotsunke,

I checked your site and found it is similar to the demo of the theme. So if you want to customize it, you can go ahead and do it.

To increase the width of the container you can add the following in your child theme’s style.css file.

.container {
    width: 1000px;

Presently it is 1000px, you can increase the value to increase the width, but you will have to make other adjustments too.


Hi Matty,

Thanks for your response. I tried increasing the width in the style.css file but it doesn’t seem to do so proportionally meaning the height is still affected. Where else do i need to make adjustments to get the container to look proportional in size/ratio?



I understand what you are saying and thats why I said earlier, while doing this you might need to do other changes too.

If you want any help with the customizations. Please feel free to check this link