Increase Sydney Sub Menu Width CSS

Hi …

Have been searching for an answer & couldn’t find one that worked.

I want to ba able to change the width of a sub menu in Sydney. I’ve tried a bunch of different CSS but could get the sub menu wrapper to 250 px wide, but then the menu items would remain at default sizes.

I’m trying to change the “How-To” menu on my website eMac Consulting. Right now it’s back to Sydney defaults.

I’d also like the sub menu to float left and not right as it currently does.

Any CSS magic would be appreciated.

Thanks … Joe


You can increase sub menu size with custom css code below and result should look like this :

#mainnav ul li ul {
    width: 250px;

#mainnav li:hover>.sub-menu>li>a {
    width: 100%

For the rest, please consult plugin support since you are not using theme menu.

Best Regards!

Hi. Thanks for getting back so quickly. Unfortunately the CSS you gave me did not work.

I decided to install the UberMenu plugin & took out your NavMenu PHP code from the Sydney header.php file & posed in the UberMenu PHP hook.

Now I have the menus I want & I can still can use Sydney. Win, win!

Love the theme! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi asburyparkjoe, was wondering if you code tell me what part of php did you remove / replace and what is the hook you replaced with??

Appreciate any help,

Thank you

Hi @2point8secs,

I replaced the built in menu with a ($20) 3rd party menu plugin called UberMenu.

From the Sydney header.php file I removed lines 47-50 :
<div class="btn-menu"></div>
  <nav id="mainnav" class="mainnav" role="navigation">
    <?php wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' =>
      'primary', 'fallback_cb' =>
      'sydney_menu_fallback' ) ); ?>
</nav><!-- #site-navigation -->

I replaced that code with the UberMenu hook:

<?php ubermenu( 'main' ); ?>

I then built all new menus with UberMenu.

That’s it.

Hope that helps … Joe