Increase Page size


Im new to both Wordpress and to this forum. I am trying to increase the page size of my site. I thought eliminating all the items on the right of the page (i.e. search window etc.) would suffice, but it did not. Can someone direct me into doing that? I am using Moesha basic.



Greetings Saul, welcome to WordPress, and Moesia.
I recon what you’re looking for is the “front page” layout.

Please, go to your admin panel, click on “Pages”, edit the page in mention, and in the right hand side you’ll have an option to chose layout. Here you will pick “Front Page” which will make the page full-width.

If you have any issues, feel free to ask!

Also, please remember to attach your website! :slight_smile:


HI Mallo,

Thank you fro the tip. I did go to where you suggested, however it gave me two options " Full width" and “Front page” when I clicked on " Front page" the page itself didn’t even register on the site, when I clicked on “Full width” the page appeared, but nothing happened. Here is the link