Increase content and sidebar width in sydney theme

Hi, how Do i increase content and sidebar width in sydney theme?


This theme are using grid system from the bootstrap So, its better if you change the width of the content and sidebar in the child theme.

Here is the steps:

  1. Create a child theme

  2. duplicate page.php and sidebar.php from the parent theme to the child theme.

  3. open page.php in your child theme and change the col-md-9 in this line:
    <div id="primary" class="content-area col-md-9"> with the column setting as you need, i.e col-md-10

  4. similar with point 3, open sidebar.php in your theme then change the col-md-3 with your own column settings. i.e col-md-2

Please make sure the total column is 12. From the instructions in above, you’ll see we are using col-md-10 and col-md-2


Hi sorry,

Where can I get the page.php?

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You can use file manager from the CPanel of your host server to get the file.


I have a similar question but I don’t want to touch the grid, I just need the “.container”-area a bit wider.

I tried it with custom css, but makes the mobile version scrollabel vertical…I guess it’s because the container-width needs to be adjusted somewere else??