Incomplete Documentation

Nowhere the documentation or the theme sales page mentions anything about WooCommerce.

I realized that only when demo content import process didn’t import products and wasted so much time trying to make it work.


We don’t have any mentions of it because Talon Pro supports it and that’s about it, there’s not much to document.
If you had errors while importing then it means you didn’t have WC active.

But I’m not sure on what did you waste time trying to make it work. Could you please explain so I can help in case you still need it?

I mean if you support WC, you should advertise it and mention is as one of the required plugins to make the product listing work.

How is the buyer supposed to know that your theme has this feature? There are many themes out there which are not compatible with WC. So it’s not an obvious thing.

I think it’ll also help your themes sell more :slight_smile:

I guess we imagined it’s pretty standard for people to use WC if they want to build a shop on WP. So if somebody sees the shop on the demo page, he imagines it’s built with WC. Makes sense to add it to the list though.
Thanks for the feedback.

Makes sense. My guess was it can either be WC or Easy Digital Downloads. But first thought was WC only.

Thanks for being open to feedback and the fast support!