Incompatibility with some browsers and devices

Hi, I use only Android and Chrome, and today I started to test on different brownsers and the responsive version on differents devices. It looks like on the iphone it’s fine (i’m not quite shure), but on microsoft devices e others browsers, the layout seems to have bugs, like the slider that doesn’t appear and it’s a blank space, and in another page, the elements are all out of place, just a mess.

So, there is something that i can do, or it’s the version of Sidney that have something wrong?

Hello there,

Can you also experience those issues with our demo site? Please let me know.


Hi, with your demo site it’s ok.
What can it be?

Hello there,

Please share your site URL here to allow me easier inspecting the trouble. If you want it to remain private, you can contact me through; mention the link to this topic in your email body to indicate that comes from you.


Hi, i’ve been waiting for some answer by email, but no return. Could you please help me.
Here is the website.

I’ve sent a email to you, but with no response till now.
Can you please help me?

This is the URL:

thank you