Including a Supsystic table is messing up other fonts on the page

Why is adding a Supsystic table to my page changing other fonts in my header and footer etc??

The font for some reason looks different if I add the table. It goes back to looking ‘normal’ after I remove the table from the page.

pay attention to the difference between the two pages in the main navigation, footer and button fonts
normal page -
Weird font page -

Please help!


Well, first you’re not loading fonts properly as far as I can see. I see some errors in the console.
Next, you’re loading some broken CSS only on the /all-prices page:

.main-navigation li a {
   font-family: Lato;
   font-size: 1em;!important; /* This is broken */

Try fixing these issues first please.

I have removed that custom CSS now. Still its the same issue

Do you still see issues in the console? What are they?

I think the font errors come from the fact that you’ve added lato and raleway all lowercase. Try to capitalize the first letter.

I did. No luck!

It has got something to do with the table. Because when I remove it from the page, it works fine.

Try clearing your cache or refresh the page, it looks fine to me now.

Nope. Its still the same for me. I see no difference from before.

Not sure what else to say. The errors are gone and now the font looks identical.

Thats the thing. The font is the same. But it is kinda stretching out the page, which is causing the font look weird.

Anyways, do you have any good table generator plugin that you theme is compatible with?

Maybe you can share a screenshot with the issue, perhaps we’re talking about different things.

I don’t use table generators so can’t recommend any.