Include ext. URL in Text


Hello Vlad,
to integrade the current wind forcast I want to use this code in the following side:

I used the Text-Wizard but unf. here the picture does not load as it takes it as normal text. Which wizard can be used to integrade the wind forcast?
Thank you.




I’m not really sure what this has to do with Moesia. And I’m also not sure what a text wizard is. Can you point me to the page where you must generate the code to add on your site?


hello vlad,
sorry for not explaining propperly.

I am on this side:

Here I want to add this external URL so that the gernerated image shows up.
Therefor I choosed with the page builder the widget (sorry, wizard was a typo :wink: ) “text”. But as you can see the URL appears as text but not the image which should be generated.
Sorry for bothering you, maybe you have an idea how to fix it.
Thank you.


I see. I’m guessing the text widget (which is WP default) doesn’t allow for that type of embedded content. That’s why I asked you where is the page (on the weather site, not yours) where you got it from, maybe it also has a HTML code that you can get.