Inactive Sidebar Issue - Widget Issue

Hello. I love this theme however I have hit a big issue for me

I use an old plugin called 'Add Widgets to Page’
Link Here

This plugin creates extra sidebar options on the widget page, which allows you to embed widgets directly into pages and posts. It’s an old plugin but works perfectly with every other theme I used on wordpress. So I need your help in getting it to work with yours.

When your theme is activated, it unpublishes my extra sidebars, even though it doesn’t need to (the sidebars appear on pages and post).

So can you please help me to get this to work with your theme.

Tigger :slight_smile:

SIDE NOTE:I also use the ‘ubermenu’ plugin which is very up-to-date. This plugin also creates extra sidebars on the widget page, activating your template removes the widgets from these as well.

Hi, sorry, can’t help you with that. Plugin is outdated and it throws an error. It also won’t work on WP default themes like Twenty Thirteen or any other.

You must ask for help on their forum:

Ok, thanks. I used another widget on code canyon for this