In Service Section


In wordpress service section there is a html code like <h4 class=“service-title wow fadeInUp animated” style=“visibility: visible; -webkit-animation: fadeInUp;”>SOFTWARE INTEGRATION ABILITIES</h4> . I dont know how to i add link to these for example when i click the software integration abilities i want to go its post page


adding an href tag, no ?


You need to go to /widgets/fp-services.php and find service-title and replace that whole line with something like this:

<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><h4 class="service-title wow fadeInUp"><?php the_title(); ?></h4></a>

Of course, it’s better to do it in a child theme.


But while i am editing it show the same edits on my main page i dont want to show anything on the main page i just want to show all datas in the its post .In this type of work i have been created the post but all works in the main page also.


I just want to create another post page and just click the service title and directly the post page .


For example when i click the software integration i go to the google but when i click the hardware developing i go to the bing


Ok i handled i just erased the next below line