In Blog Page


How could i change my posts width in blog page . For example when i click the a project in the front page it would go to the that project but that page is so tight i want to enlarge it . The columns are so sticky


You would need to increase the size of the content area and decrease the size of the sidebar with CSS. Do you know how to do that or you want me to give you the code?



I would like to know! This is the topic I was looking for.


This would be the code you need to add to a custom CSS plugin for single posts:

.single .widget-area {
   width: 360px;
.single .content-area {
   width: 750px;
@media only screen and (max-width: 1199px) {
   .single .content-area {
      width: 550px;

You subtract a value from the widget area and you add the same value to both content areas (750 and 550).