Importing the settings file

I cant find the import/export file on my dashboard, I’ve watched the tutorial video but I can’t find the import/export under Types>settings and below save changes. My wordpress version is 4.4.2. I tried it under tools>wordpress>import but when I upload the sydney-setting.xml it says “This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”.
I need your help. Thanks

See screenshot

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Types plugin is changed a little, and option for import is Types > Settings > import/Export

If it is not there, try to disable your additional plugins (if any), because of possible plugin conflict.

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Hi there,

I tried to deactivate the other plug-in except for the recommended plug in of the theme but still nothing happens.

Hello again,

It seems that you have latest version. Have you tried Types > Dashboard > Import / Export

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Thanks I found it now. haha thank you so much.

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