Importing Demo and Layouts


I was successful until I imported the demo pages.

After I imported the demos 5-6 additional homepages appeared on the menu.

I deleted all of them manually.

OK! I understand that each home on the menu shows a different lay out.

But how am I going to use the one I like under my url?


Best wishes.


Sorry, I dont get what your question. Can you describe it more? or maybe you mean is how to create the layout? if so, you can get the tutorials from here


Hi Awan.

I’m sorry, I was tired. Couldn’t create a meaningful sentence.

I uploaded the theme West. Then I realized that I have to upload demo file to see the original layout and the other layouts.

So I uploaded the demo file, XML. Then 5-6 layouts also started to appear on my menu. And also new fields were open on my dashboard.

After posted the message last night, I figured out that I have to go settings>reading and select a page as the main page. So the layout I’ve chosen started to appear as my home page.

What should I do to the other pages and info? Is it safe to just delete them? I don’t want them to visible. Or I don’t want them to get indexed. I don’t want them have URLs. I already changed the robots.txt file to prevent crawling.

Thanks for you help.

Best wishes.

Solved my problem! Thnak you! Great theme!