Importing customization to Moesia Pro


We are updating Moesia to the pro version. Is there a way to import all customization? Or do we have to redo that manually?



It can be done, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. install and activate this plugin (while having the free version of Moesia active);
  2. go to Appearance > Customize > Export/Import and click on Export. You will automatically download a file;
  3. open that file in any text editor (like Notepad on Windows, TextWrangler on Mac) and do a Find&Replace (Ctrl+H in Notepad, ⌘F in TextWrangler) for s:6:"moesia" and replace with s:13:"moesia-pro-ii". Save the file;
  4. switch to Moesia Pro and visit again Customize > Export/Import. This time you will upload the file you’ve just edited. That’s it, you’re free to deactivate and remove the plugin now.

Perfect, thank you!

I have one other question - Individal Page Headers is missing from pages. Is that due to a missing plugin?

Have you imported the settings file in Types as shown on the documentation page?

Got it - thanks.