IMPORTANT! I need a download link to previous theme versione!

I’ve the site online completely misaligned and full of errors after updating theme version!
Please provide me a link to downgrade, via email, or where you want…
Please do it the quickest you can

Can you show me a link to your site and point out those errors please? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with the update.

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So what’s wrong with it? Everything looks fine to me:
Have you refreshed your page/cleared your browser’s cache?

Edit: here’s a full image too:

it’s unbelievable. I have cleaned browser’s cache, changed several browsers and devices, and also asked for a double check to my hosting provider support. The content was partially aligned left instead of center, some background images were reduced in height and also some of the buttons missed … I updated two things: Siteorigin’s Page builder and the theme before it happened. I first tried to downgrade the plugin, but without seeing differences (of course after cleaning browser cache), so that could be only the theme … thanks anyway for screenshots and your quick support!