Import of Demo Content incomplete

I did a new fresh install of Wordpress 4.6.1, downloaded and activated Talon, installed the 2 required Plugins Page Builder and Toolbox, activated Wordpress Importer, downloaded the demo content and inported with Importer. I checked the box to also import attachments. I got a long list of error messages. It seemed nothing had been imported. I did run import again, but left the box for import of attachments uncheked. The list then said it found Services, Employees, Clients, Testimonials and Projects already being installed, but other iports failes again, like colors, posts etc.
My website is based on the German version of Wordpress.
Any idea what went wrong and should do to fix?
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The WordPress Importer is pretty old and pretty buggy. There’s no better solution at the moment.

Colors (and other customizer settings) are not something that the WP Importer can import.
You should have a look at the page called Homepage and see if it is imported and if you can see everything on it like on our demo site. Then you can assign it as a static front page as you can see on our documentation. Do you have a link?

the link to the website is

Looks like you have everything?

yes, I also have this impression.
thanks for your help.