Images on single product page


Hi guys, checking my web i realized that my single product page is showing the product images too small. The main image (the one is displayed first) has the appropiate size, but the next images are displayed as miniature images (if you click the image, you can see the real size).

Anyone can helpme? when i design the site this problems doesnt exist, after some woocommerce or theme update this bug appear.

Regards from Argentina, Sergio
PS: Sorry for my english!


Hello there,

From your site admin area (/wp-admin), go to Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images; ensure you’ve set proper size in there.



Hello Kharis, thanks for your response, and sorry for my late reply!

I cant find the set for the images of the gallery on the single product page… in Appearance > Customize > WooCommerce > Product Images.

there is an example of the trouble im having. Single product page
Please see that the first image of the gallery is big (perfect) and the next images are miniatures (before some update this problems not exist, all the images had the same size)

I leave you some pics in case you cannot access the site


Regards, Sergio


Hello there,

I checked it with my test site running the latest version of Leto. The image gallery displays correct size. I found your site is being cached. Try flushing/clearing it and reload your product page. Or probably one of your active plugins might be causing you this issue. To verify and troubleshoot it yourself, try disabling them at once and run your test. If you get it goes right, try enabling them one by one to find of which exactly becomes the source of the issue.



Hello Kharis, sorry for the excessive late response. Has been a while since this problem appear, and i still havent found a solution. If the problem its the site being cached, y tried creating a new product, with new images and the bug is still appearing (only the main image is displayed on a full size, all the others are displayed as miniature) any other solution?

I tryed disabling the plugins installed on the site.

Thanks and sorry for the answer.


Hello there,

Which version of WooCommerce are you running right now? Is it the latest?