Images no longer loading properly on pages and posts

Hi. Two days ago images stopped loading on pages and posts. Load o.k. into media library but do not show up properly on page or posts. They appear blurry, poor quality and ¼ the original size.

As I did some trouble shooting almost all images disappeared from site. Had to dump everything and use backup from two days previous. Old images now appear, but still images not loading properly on pages and posts. Don’t want to touch unless lose current images again.

Hosting company and security company say it has nothing to do with them and must be theme issue? WP did an update around this time, but site began acting strange before I installed update.

Thanks, Winnie

Hi, do you have a link to your site?


There really is no way for the theme to remove your images. It just displays them and sets some cropping parameters, nothing else.

Hi Vlad, thank you for your reply. I am glad the theme does not have any glitches that are causing the images to disappear.

My backed up site has maintained the images over night, but I am still unable to upload images.

Awan, this is the link to my site

All the images on the site at this time are old images that uploaded perfectly months ago. I erased all the images from two days ago that uploaded improperly, so not sure if the site will help in any way, but I sure appreciate your help.

If anyone knows why I am unable to upload images now, or how to repair it, I would be very grateful!

Thanks, Winnie

Try to disable your plugins please, I’m pretty sure that should let you upload images again.

HI Vlad,

Thank you for your advice. If I disable the plugins will I lose all the settings on them? For example, I have a security company that set up some security plug ins for me. If I disable them will I lose all their settings?

Thanks so much for your wisdom!

I don’t know what plugins you’re using, but no, you shouldn’t lose their settings.

Edit: please note that I asked you to deactivate them, not delete them completely.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for your help. Images are loading, everything looks great again! Also noticed that WP upgrade changed some of my settings, I changed them back and everything is working great again. Very happy for your help!