Images clear Sydey Sydney pro they are not how can i get them clear

i recently upgraded to pro its cool except images that i use are clear and awesome in free version pro version they are cloudy how can i clear this up. Also how do you dide services up between a and b? Thanks in advance.l

Hello there,

Could you please share page URL where those images are appear on, so I can have a closer look?

> Also how do you dide services up between a and b?

Apologies, I can get it clearly. Could you please elaborate it?


my website is About the services i cant divide them up between sevices a and b so when i set it uo like your demo under “what else we do” the same services show up as on services a on the demo you are able to get different ones for what else we do. if you need to get in the backend i can give you name and PW.

I wrote an article under “Our Mobile Team” i want to be able to put services

When i switch the theme back to pro version images are perfect. Thanks for your help i hope i explained well enough

Im sorry that problem with cloudy images. i started off with free version and had pictures in a couple places (not header image it looks good) when i got pro the pictures became cloudy when i switch back to free theme they are perfect then i switch back to pro they are cloudy again so is the image header on about page