Images are black after seconds


sydney pro makes all images black when you leave the website for seconds.
when visit another tab on browser and come back to your website all images are black and you have to move the mouse or to scroll up or down to come back to the image.
i have notice this on demo as well



We tried to reproduce this on Chrome and Firefox but without luck. This could be due to some extension on web browser which you are using, low device performance, or to many tabs open (exhausting CPU and memory on device). Can you specify on which device and web browser you are experiencing this and under which circumstances?

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hi again.
this happens on any laptop that i use even on macbook.also i do not have any other tab happens on facts section as well which has no image.slider ,testimonials,timeline have image and are black.but not always



Thanks for the response, but unfortunately, we couldn’t reproduce the issue on our end. We have created screencast for you to see Please not that we are not turning our back on you and problem that you are having, but we need to see the problem in order to take some action.

It would be helpful if you can create screencast or if some other user can confirm similar.

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