Is there a way to make a imagemap of my logo and put this at the frontpage ( and then the rest of the pages as one page site), our logo is with five icons and some text(name of the company). Now the way we want it is, to make all the icons clickable, so we jump to a lower part of the onepage site where the icon is described further? Hope you can get me some hints.

put this at the frontpage ( and then the rest of the pages as one page site)
This part doesn't make much sense to me, I assume by frontpage you're actually referring to the header image?

You can’t really do it because the header image is a background image, so you can’t pass it the usemap attribute. But it’s pretty easy to change the code and use your image there.

Feel free to send me your site link to vlad[at] if you don’t want to paste it here so I can see exactly what you mean.

did some investigation and found some news, is it possible with to make our logo clickable, there you see the logo and what i want to do is when you click on the scissors then you jump to the next page on the makeup brush to the second page,on the cups you jump to the third page and so on. Is that possible

one page site, i meant onepage theme

I think it could be possible, though it’s a bit above what this support forum is meant to offer. But if make a quick sketch or something so I can understand exactly what you mean I might be able to give you some code to do it.