Image with Text ontop and Menu scrolling


I am trying to put an image on my page with a quote on top. It would sort of look like the Moesia Pro demo site where it asks people if the like Moesia pro and has a button below. I would want something like that without the button though.

Also I am trying to create just a single page with all my content. I was wondering if I could have a menu that you click and goes to the section on my page. Like the Resume section or Contact section.


I see you managed to do it? You might also want to change the color to something more visible.

Sure, for the menu you just need to go to Appearance > Menus and add Links from the left panel. Each of your rows has an ID, and you need to add each ID in a menu element. This is the current order now on your website:



Thanks Vlad!

Any idea on how to change the color of the text on the photo? I used the Call to Action Box and got rid of the button.


You can have a quick look at the video here to see how you can reach Visual Row styles and change your color.


I tried that but it seemed to not work when changing the color or background color for it. Also if I use another call to Action it uses the same photo again.


Yeah, sorry. You need to go to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Colors, hit CTRL +F and search for Call to action. You’ll see a color option called Message. That’s what you need to change.

You would need to set background images like you saw in the video I linked to, from the Visual Row Styles. Setting it like you did now will use the same background image for all sections of the same type, we’re probably going to remove that option at some point.

Let me know how it goes.


Thanks for the help on the website! As for linking the menu bar to certain aspects to my site. I’ve gone to the appearance> menu and then links but all see is the url link and link text. Where do i put the 104-0, 104-1, ect.?


You simply put the ID in the URL, like this #pg-104-0. And the title you want in the text field.