Image (with link) on the Header Slider, centered horizontally and vertically

Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to put a picture (logo) on the Header slider, Now I have in custom css:

.header-slider .contain{
   background-image: url('');
   background-size: 50%;
   background-repeat: no-repeat;
   background-position: top center;
   padding-top: 450px;
  1. I would like it to be centered horizontally and vertically in the slider,

  2. add to this image link to the html address.

  3. Remove “flow from right transition effect” from image (logo)
    Now when Slide 1 is changed to Slide 2 etc. this image (logo) flows from the right side and stops in the middle of the slider. I would like the image (logo) to be static (and it had no transition effect when the slides are changing)

Thank you in advance for help :slight_smile:

Ad. 1 I think I’ve found a solution how to center (I’m not sure of it, especially the dimensions maybe should be set as a percentage? And I’m not sure if background-attachment: fixed; it’s needed?)

.header-slider .contain {
   background-image: url('');
  height: 600px;  
	background-size: 600px;
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	background-position: center center;
	background-attachment: fixed;


It looks like those issues require some coding and testing on different screen resolutions, this goes beyond our support policy. It’s considered advanced customization. As an option, you can contact Codeable for this kind of service, or find a reputable freelancer on Upwork.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Ok I will try do some tests, and could You help with link, provide some way to add a link to it?

Hello, that’s the point, you can’t add link to background image :slight_smile:

Please check this stackoverflow question:

Kind Regards, Roman.