Image Sizing

Would you be able to give me the size (pixels dimensions) of the Background Image, mines a bit blown up.

Also, the dimensions used for Recent Projects image thumbnails.

Much appreciated!

By background image you mean the header? There is no size for that, it just expands to full screen. For instance, I see it at a width of 1366px. But please, resize your images - you’re using images of more than 5000px X 3000px and therefore your site is really slow.

The recent projects thumbnails are 350px by 250px.

By Background Image I mean the tab in the Customize section, just below the Header Image tab.

But it would be nice to know the background image size for things like Services and Social Profile as well. Maybe you could put those dimensions in the descriptions for the widgets?

Yeah, I’ll resize them, forgot to do with the slider images. And the slowness is exactly why I want everything to be resized.

Thanks again!

I see. There isn’t a size for any of those things because the image expands to the size of those elements. I cannot write an image size in the description because I don’t know the size of your sections. For instance, you can have Services on a single row, or you can have Services on three rows and that’s a whole different size.

So, there isn’t much point in having a width of 1920px for your images, although I would go for 1366px. Also, there isn’t much point in using a height much greater than the height of the element your setting your image for.

There isn’t anything specific to Moesia here.