Image for Services Icon

Hi Vlad,

I can’t figure out how to add my own image for services icons. I tried putting an image URL from an uploaded image in the Service Icon section, but that just creates an orange circle. How do I do that?

Hi, Services are set to use Font Awesome (iconic font). To use image, fp-services.php must be customised.

See, about line 130:
<i class="fa ' . esc_html($icon) . '"></i>

In backend, when you add for example fa-bug it will end up with this code:
<i class="fa fa-bug"></i>

Conclusion: Icon field can’t accept image url or anything else except Font Awesome icon code.

If you can post your page link, maybe we could try to override it with custom css code?

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I’ll try to use a different section. The documentation page says an image can be added to the Services that will get a parallax effect. So that is not the case?

I’m actually trying to use it for something completely different. I think I can get the same effect by using the Employees section which can have pictures and text below. Question though, how can I change the URL slug for Employees or Services to be different than those words? i.e. instead of: <> be <> (but use the services section to add things…

The parallax images mentioned in the documentation refer to the rows. So a background image for the whole row. You cannot upload your own image instead of the icon.

For the links: Types > Custom Post Types > Find Employees, click on edit > Do a search for Use a custom URL format > Click it and add what you need, then save.

Thanks Vlad. I think I goofed the first time around. I didn’t see the section you said to make the change. So I changed the post type names and slug. This just removed the section all together. I went back and changed the post names and slug to what they were for “Employee” and then found the “Use a custom URL format” and changed that. But all of my entries for employee are missing from the front end. I’ve emptied cache, but nothing. the employee widget just won’t show now. Can you tell me how to fix it?


theme folder > widgets > fp-employees.php this line

'post_type' => 'employees',

must correspond to field of post type you typed.

Thanks dimikjones! sorry for being slow on that one… just 1 letter wrong. much appreciated.