Image doesnt displays on mobiles and tablets

On the project that im working on mobile devices doesn’t display the image at te bottom

here is the link for it

and happens the same on the section

the first image doesn’t displays on mobile devises

Thanks for your help

Hello Guordit,

I have just checked your website on Android phone and both pages are okay.

What device are you using?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman, thanks for the help, im usin iPhone 7 Plus and an iPad mini.

Best regards.


Hi @Guordit

I see the Credito Real image is missing. I think it’s because of the symbol in the file’s name. Could you rename the image file to something without É and try again?

That was it!! thanks a lot, also rename another one that wasn`t showing on mobile devises.

Problem solved.

Thanks a lot.