Image behind a contact form misformed

Dear Team,

I Created a page Contact on and added a 1 row (inside a visual editor Tiny MCE) and in there a contact form. With the page builder options I tried to add a image to the backgroud of the row. Edit row -> add image - > full width.

worked so far. Image looks nice full width.

But now the contact form has a strange transparent background that doesnt cover the whole contact form area. The fonts are not readable and it just doesnt look good.

If I add a background color to the row than it the form is fine, it only happends with an image.

What can i do?

This is the effect of playing with the overlay on your front page :slight_smile:
I suggest you prefix your custom overlay code so instead of .row-overlay you’ll have .home .row-overlay.

It looks like I get it now :slight_smile: the result is fine :slight_smile: