Image background size

Hello, I’ve added an image background in a row width Layout to full width. The problem is that the iamge is covering the whole with of the site but it is cropped and distorted. What would be the correct ratio (size) to insert an image background so that it looks good. Thanks a lot for your help

Don’t the preset option and image image position work for you?



Thanks for your reply, but no the preset option does not work.
What I have done is : remove the image from row and changed the Row layout to full width stretched
I than added the image in the widget and Background Image Display : cover.
With this solution I don’t have a paralax effect (didn’t want one) and the image is full size with no distortion. Don’t understand why background image in the row could not adjust well.

The problem now is that this background image is not reponsive. Any idea to solve this issue?

Thanks again

Hello there,

Someone has asked about this already and I’ve answered it on here. I hope you can find it helpful.


Hello Kharis, I had seen this topic already before writing to you. The problem is the background image size in a row. I’ve watched your tutrial on the topic and when you’ve uploaded an image it was cropped as well.
What would be the ideal size so I could see the whole image?
Thanks again.

I would recommend 1280px x 850px which is the size of the row background of “What Our Clients Say” on our homepage demo. Make sure that the most important part of your image is visible in the middle. To make it more precise on smaller screen, you can use CSS media query to alter the the background image with a new image size optimized for smaller view.