iHover CSS

Hello Vlad,
Today I found very interesting Hover effects called iHover here. Is it possible to add those effects to my website pix? Would you please help me to do it? Thanks in advance for your help.


I already pointed you to a plugin that has those effects: https://wordpress.org/plugins/amazing-hover-effects/ :slight_smile:

And the demo here: http://demo.wpeffects.com/amazing-hover-effects/

Thank you Vlad for pointing that plugin. I checked it the other day but unfortunately demo version was very limited so I wasn’t able to check its capabilities and also compatibility. That’s the reason why I searched around for an alternative and I found iHover.

I might be missing something here, but that plugin (in its free version) provides all the 20 hover effects from iHover. Does it not?

It does, but just in circle style mode and besides that I have no idea why (maybe plugin conflict or something else) but I just get an empty page as a result when I create an effect.

Well, it’s very easy to make them square with a bit of custom CSS. Not sure what you mean about the empty page though but I’m pretty sure this plugin has no reason to conflict with the theme.

Adding iHover to the theme is not an option because it’s not just about the CSS, it’s also about the structure.

Oh I see. Thanks by the way!