Ignis Woocommerce Subtitle Background

Hello, I am having a problem with changing the background color on certain woocommerce page subheaders (orders, downloads) on Ignis. I am able to change the color of the Hero area, but not the box below. The default color is difficult to read, as the text is white and box is light pink. I am trying to change the box color around the text that says “no order has been made yet” and will include a picture:

Hi there,

Can you share your site URL here?

Yes, it’s jacobsimonsays.com

Thank you.


I am wondering if you were able to find a solution to this problem? Thank you.


Here is to change the background color for the box you’ve mentioned above. Add this code below to Customize > additional CSS:

.ignis-hero-area {
    background-color: #e8cb99;
.woocommerce-info {
    background-color: #e8cb99;


That worked nicely, thank you very much!

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