IE9 Browser

Hi there,

I can’t seem to get the site to load in IE9, on windows 7.

I see the same issue with your demo site -

The pages do not load, I can only see the admin toolbar when logged in, and the pre-loader dot in the middle.



We’re not really aiming for compatibility with outdated browsers. But I’ll have a look.

You can see IE9, use matchMedia.js and matchMedia.addListener.js.

Maybe, you can see this site by IE9 on Windows7.

But newest WordPress and Page Builder by SiteOrigin are defective partly in IE9. It is necessary for the dashboard to use other browsers, Chrome or FireFox.

Any luck with this? I realize IE9 is an outdated browser, but in real-world terms it’s only 4 years old. Many corporate offices are perfectly happy to cruise along with outdated software, because they don’t want the headache of upgrading hundreds of computers.

Sydney is super-cool, but after building a quick site using only the out-of-the-box tools, two of the five people I sent it to can’t see it.

I really like the Sydney theme a lot, and considered upgrading to Pro, but I can’t pay for a theme that isn’t backwards-compatible, especially when there are plenty of other premium themes out there that are.

Love the theme, please reconsider. Thanks!

Only 4 years old doesn’t sound right :slight_smile:

I don’t have access to IE9 at the moment, but I did a quick check with Browserstack and it seems that the only thing that doesn’t work is the preloader. Other than that it looks fine. Could be that Browserstack is wrong though. I’ll do some further checks.

Also, IE9 is at 1.4% usage and dropping.

Hi Vlad,

I can understand your things.
But Many corporate offices still use IE9, Unfortunately a big company wanting to look at my portfolio. Maybe, it same mean to pcglenn say that.

My site is still under constraction now.

However, I customized to see the site by IE9 on Win7.

Just now, I build the other site by Moesia for the client has been used IE9.

I never believe to use IE9, but It is reality.

It’s actually quite easy to do.
I did a rollback on my PC from IE11 to IE9 to do some quick tests and to make the site look right all I had to do was to hide the preloader and install this plugin.
I made a note to disable the preloader for < IE9 for a future theme update.

Thanks for you attention and your reply! I’ve installed the plugin, can you explain what you mean by “hide the preloader?” Is this something that can be done with CSS, or will I need to edit the theme files?

Thanks again.

It can be done with CSS:

.preloader {
    display: none;