IE10/11 problem


It seems that when you scroll front page down and then back to up.
At least IE10 and 11 seems to throw the top widget to the right.

Mozilla and Chrome seems to work.

Problem is only in pro version.

below screenshot (from your demo) for the problem:


Are you using the latest version of Moesia Pro? The issue was reported and fixed yesterday.

Edit: I’ve updated our demo site too to the latest version. You can see that the issue is no more.


Okay! Thanks for quick response and ofc for fix!

Small problem still
->where i can download newest version?

and even better would be if you could tell me which files has changed?
…since we have made a lot of changes for orginals.

You can update Moesia Pro from the dashboard, just like the themes from You should have a notice about an update being available.

I don’t know what version of the theme you’re using so I cannot tell you the exact files. But some of them should be: style.css, customizer.php (options for widget display on small screens), styles.php (output new options from customizer), fp-services.php (just a check for the service icon), scripts.js (changes in video handling).

To get you started, here’s the fix for the IE thing you asked about:
Remove this from style.css:

.page-template-page_front-page-php section:first-of-type {
	margin-top: -60px;

Add this instead:

.page-template-page_front-page-php .site-content {
	margin-top: 0;

You should really do changes from a child theme to avoid this kind of issues. There shouldn’t be a single thing in this theme that cannot be overwritten from a child theme.